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Featured Roaster: Stumptown Coffee from the Moody Northwest

Our featured roaster for the month of January is Stumptown. For those not in the know, Stumptown Coffee was started in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. My sister moved to Oregon in 1998, so I have visited Oregon frequently. Specifically, Portland. When she lived in Southeast Portland (Portland is generally divided into 4 quadrants: Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest), she lived steps from a Stumptown Coffee. Literally, the SE Division location (the ORIGINAL location) was only two short blocks from her house.

As Portland is frequently wet and dreary, coffee is on tap A. LOT. So it's no surprise that I went to Stumptown a lot. One - I needed coffee. Two - it was really, really good. Once I figured out that I could buy their espresso, HairBender, I'd buy a bag or two for the trip home so I could get my fix back in Kansas. To get the full background on HairBender, and the original Stumptown location, go read about it here. It's a great story! https://www.stumptowncoffee.com/blog/the-story-of-hair-bender

We're so excited that we are now carrying Stumptown Coffee at Flavors. We currently have their HairBender espresso, as well as several different varieties of single-origin coffee. The varieties will change monthly, so check in with us frequently to see what we're currently offering. We also offer several varieties of their bagged coffee for resale. Come in and see if we can bend your hair!

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