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Flavors' Passport to Fun

Updated: May 27, 2019

Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar is running a fun promotion this summer. Pick up a passport at the store and try as many ice creams as you can throughout the summer. After 6, 12, and 18 stamps, you earn a prize.

We're so excited to present Flavors Passport to Fun this year. We took our inspiration from the Wicked Brew Tour that we are also participating in this summer. See those details here https://www.flavorscoffeeandicecreambar.com/post/wicked-brew-tour. So you have two opportunities for fun over at Flavors this summer.

We've created a fun passport where you get to try all the different ice cream flavors we have in the house! We currently have 24 different ice creams so our 12-week Summer Spectacular allows you to try 2 different ice creams each week. Each stamp on your passport gets you closer to a prize, and there are 3 different prizes depending on your level!


  1. It begins on May 28, 2019 and ends on August 18, 2019 (12 weeks).

  2. Pick up your passport at the store. The earlier you pick up your passport, the better chance you have to fill your entire passport. (Passports are available for pick up on or after May24).

  3. One stamp per passport each visit. For example, if you're a family of five, and you have five passports, each person will get a stamp for their ice cream purchase on their visit. One person cannot get all five stamps on their passport.

  4. Prize: 6 stamps = mural sticker; 12 stamps = engraved mason drinking jar; 18 stamps = passport to fun t-shirt

  5. Each week, we will feature two different ice creams. On the day that we feature the ice cream, you can bring your passport in, get 5% off of that ice cream, and get a stamp on your passport. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see the featured ice creams of the week. (You don't have to come to the store on the day the ice cream is featured to get a stamp, but the discount is only good on the featured day.)

  6. Tag and share your pictures with #flavorspassporttofun

  7. Have fun eating all the ice cream!

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