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The Best Scones

Updated: May 9, 2019

A tasty buttermilk scone filled with blueberries and topped with crystallized sugar.

When we (Ryan and Stephanie) first purchased College Hill Creamery, we were intrigued with the ice cream business. But, ultimately, we wanted to open a coffee shop. A coffee shop that felt like a second home where you could get a great cup of coffee (or a vanilla latte in Stephanie's case) and a small breakfast item. We wanted that experience because of our first great experience at a local coffee shop in Lawrence, Kansas.

Milton's Coffee in Lawrence, Kansas is the inspiration of several recipes and coffee drinks. Blueberry scones and David's Blend coffee from Thanksgiving Coffee Company are the pillars. In our opinion, it's the perfect breakfast experience. Smooth coffee with a delicious scone.

Ode to Milton's

We both worked at Milton's when we lived in Lawrence. I (Stephanie) worked there for almost two years while Ryan worked there for several months. Several of things that we loved about Milton's, we have tried to emulate. First, the atmosphere. It was always so inviting inside Milton's and you just felt like you could hang out there and enjoy good food.

Second, the coffee. Milton's served Thanksgiving Coffee. Thanksgiving Coffee is an artisan coffee roaster located in California. It won roaster of the year in 2017. Milton's always had six different coffees set out to choose from, and it went from lightest roast to darkest roast. One of my favorites was David's blend. It's a light to medium roast flavored coffee with hints of hazelnut, and it's so good with just a touch of cream. One of Ryan's favorites was Beajoulais, which is a darker roast.

Fun note - we now serve David's blend at Flavors. We are the only other coffee shop in Kansas to serve Thanksgiving Coffee's David's blend. They made the speciality roast specifically for Milton's.  Because we had a connection to Milton's, we were able to get it for our shop.

Third, the scones. Milton's had The. Best. Scones. They aren't your typical scones that are dense and triangular shaped. Those are good, but these are better. The best. They're airy and more of what you would consider a fluffy biscuit. They are crunchy and sweet on the outside, and the inside is pillowy. When they are warm from the oven, it's a little taste of heaven. We were given the recipe and now make the scones at Flavors.

The scones and David's blend from Milton's epitomize why we wanted to start a coffee shop and why we ultimately changed the name of the store from College Hill Creamery to Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar. We love to take our inspiration from some of our favorite spots or places that we find along the way during traveling and bring that experience (flavor) back to Wichita for others to experience. We want to share those flavors with others. Having a little piece of Lawrence (where we called home for many years) in the heart of Wichita just feels right.

We can't and won't share the actual recipe for Milton's scones and the ones we sell at the shop. But for a slightly different scaled down version of the scone recipe, that you can make at home, you can find the recipe on authenticabundantlife.com. I can promise you that the scone recipe is just as delicious.

Or if you don't feel like making scones at home, we'll do the work for you. Come on in today and try one. Best served with a hot cup of David's Blend.

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